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THEME: What it takes to build a successful IP centric business and manage the brand strategy for the same? This will be the first of many ‘IP led business stories’ that LESI and LES India plan to bring out.

CONCEPT: LES India is delighted to announce an international webinar for professionals who build Intellectual Property (IP) centric businesses, create, protect, use and monetize IP in line and build successful brands. Technology, Innovation and IP have been at the heart of all these businesses. LES India has always believed in the power of leading innovation, IP creation, protection, assetization and commercialization.


  • IP Buildup Ride – Lows & Highs
  • IP Strategies – Industry Best Practices & More
  • Competing with the Sharks while building an IP Centric Culture
  • Role of Partner eco-system in an IP-Centric Business
  • Licensing vis a vis Business Growth – Challenges faced
  • Approach to filing IPs and Patents – Reluctant or Proactive?
  • IPs and Brand Equity – Relationship & Interplay
  • Patents & Licensing Hassles in Family Run Businesses
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